Emacs python-mode and ipython on Mac, Mountain Lion

Recently, I found that ipython in my mac (mountain lion) does not work correctly in Emacs python-mode. There are two possible causes: first, In mountain lion, the shipped python (version 2.7.2) contains readline support, which is broken (according to ipython 0.13.1 warning message). You need to install fresh readline using (Note that pip does not help in this case):

$ sudo python easy_install readline

Second, Emacs python-mode (6.0.10) and ipython prompt does not along well each other. With the new readline installation, and with few experiments, classic python prompt (>>>) works well.

(setq-default py-shell-name "ipython")
(setq-default python-python-command-args '("-i" "--classic"))

If you're like me, you want C-a will adhere the python prompt. (Specifically, you want C-a will move the point right after the prompt string, not the real beginning of the line). To do that, add following:

(when (and (boundp 'py-shell-map)
	   (null (lookup-key py-shell-map [(control ?a)])))
  ;; `move-beginning-of-line' (C-a) ignore the prompt, which is
  ;; inconvinient.
  (define-key py-shell-map [(control ?a)]


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