Starting blog again with Nikola

More than 2 years, I haven't updated my site. To say long story short, I was in UK for more than one years, and unable to set up my desktop machine, which has all the sources of my site, left in a luggage during in UK. Recently, I moved to the Bay area in US, and finally set up the old desktop again, and replace the site generator from Jekyll to Nikola.

Jekyll was great, however, it requires too many modification for my need, since my site requires some static pages plus blog entries, and I wrote all my posts in Org-mode, which was not supported by Jekyll so I had to come up with my own solution that convert .org files to .html files using Emacs myself, and insert YAML configuration to all of them, and uses Jekyll to generate the final output.

Now, I read a very interesting article, Blogging in org-mode with Nikola, which introduced Nikola to me, and I decided to experiment with it. After few hours of experimentation, I was really surprised as it contains everything that I imagined before!

  • org mode support using Emacs instead of custom converter.
  • RSS feed by default
  • support for non-blog site
  • Disqus integration.
  • support for multi-lingual site

I dare to say, (for my own need at least), Nikola is better than vanilla Jekyll, and still better than Octopress.

Of course, there are some problems that I found already, but they are minor enough. Hopefully, I may explain those in another post.

Anyway, here I am, restarted the blog again. Hope that I can find many interesting topics soon.


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