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Korean translation of comp.lang.c FAQ

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This is the Korean translation of C Programming FAQ, the official FAQ from Usenet comp.lang.c which is maintained by Steve Summit.

Thanks for his permission, I was able to translate this document in Korean. If you need any copyright information about my translation, read a few front pages of the document.

This document is somewhat different than the original on-line C FAQ list. Here are some plans and it's features:

  • All answers will have appropriate references regarding to C99. (See the Reference Chapter for [HS2002], [C99], [ISO Rationale], and [SUS].)
  • All contents in the original on-line C FAQ list is already included.
  • Borrowed some examples in the book version, C Programming FAQs -- Frequently Asked Question (Addison Wesley, 0-201-84519-9) will be included.
  • Later, we will have many questions and answers regarding to new C99 features plus wide character set and multibyte characters

Note that this document has some additional contents regarding to the Steve's work. I've updated it from time to time to inject missing part (e.g. internationalization, new concepts in ISO/IEC 9899:1999, known as C99).

In addition to the FAQ, I also translated Incompatibilities Between ISO C and ISO C++ in Korean. See the Links below.

Unfortunately, these files are far from printing quality. Currently, I'm concentrating the contents itself, not design nor layout problem.

Unlike the old version, the HTML pages are encoded in UTF-8, not euc-kr.

Sorry for your inconvinience, but Postscript version is no longer provided. The good news is that new PDF version is searchable!

You can browse/download the latest/unauthorized contents in LaTeX format from my github repository.

If you want to help me to make this document better, please read following items carefully and send e-mail to me.

Previously, you could not search for Korean text from the PDF version due to my TeX configuration. Thanks to the Tex Live and new dvipdfmx, that problem is history now. The new problem is, the PDF version does not contain any bookmarks. If you know how to fix it, please let me know.

Among other things, reporting any errata, giving me a suggestion or an advice is the most helpful contribution. ;-)