Emacs Stuff

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Includes my start-up script, init.el, all of my scripts are available from github.

Thanks to vnc2swf and x11vnc, I am able to provide online demonstration(screencast) on my emacs session. (Recently, I use xvidcap and mencoder.)

Note that most of the demonstration is recorded in Macromedia Flash. Unfortunately, the demo files do not support resolution scaling.

I presented a Emacs seminar on 10 year anniversary of online Linux community, KLDP in Seoul, Korea to demonstrate various Emacs features for developers. Here is a presentation material written in Open Office Impress version 2.3.

Note that this material heavily uses both the hyperlink feature and the animations. Just open and follow the slideshow (shortcut: <f5>), and whenever you see the arrow button on the right bottom of each page, click it to follow the next page. Some of pages are written in Korean, though.

To view it properly, you may need Bigelow & Holmes's Lucida fonts and Unfont (GPLed).