Screencast: Artist Mode

<-- DEBUG: url[en]: /emacs/emacs-artist.html --><-- DEBUG: url[ko]: --> [English]

Artist mode, toggled by M-x artist-mode, lets you draw lines, squares, rectangles and poly-lines, ellipses, and circles with your mouse and/or keyboard. It is extremely useful when inserting text diagrams or figures in your source comments.

Beside editing commands, above demonstration uses following Emacs commands:

  • C-x b to switch buffers. Originally, it is bound for `switch-to-buffer'. Instead, binding `iswitchb-buffer' to C-x b is much easier to use.
  • C-x n n to narrow the region, `narrow-to-region'. It is very useful to prevent the unwanted change on other portion of the buffer, and makes the user concentrating on what he or she want to do. The narrowing is reverted by the command, C-x n w `widen'.

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