Screencast: nXML mode

<-- DEBUG: url[en]: /emacs/emacs-nxml.html --><-- DEBUG: url[ko]: --> [English]

Demonstrates nXML mode (a new major mode for XML available from here. Since the author's voice is in Korean, You may not understand my voice, but I'm sure that it will not border you to understand this screencast.

Note that this is a simple demonstration that does not utilizes lots of powerful features of nxml-mode. (nxml-mode is far, far greater than what I demonstrate here!!) This only demonstrates the way that I write HTML files, check the spellings, preview the files, and register to the version control system (in this case, CVS.)

Beside editing commands, above demonstration uses following Emacs features:

  • Org mode: the first screen.
  • C-x v v to add/commit the HTML file to the CVS (version control system).
  • w3m mode (an interface to w3m): available from here.
  • ispell: to check the spelling of the HTML file.
  • M-/ (dabbrev-expand) to expand the pre-inputted text.

I made this screenshot using xvidcap to generated MPEG file, and downsizing/converting the file to SWF using mencoder(1). Currently, the scrollbar attached to the SWF file in this page is not working. (Don't know why.)

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