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Emacs: tabs and spaces, trailing whitespaces

Long time ago, when I never heard about Emacs, and the times when I used to code in Borland Turbo C, I hated spaces. I even didn't understand people who uses spaces to indent their codes. The main reason was, I hated that the code looks ugly (precisely, if the indentation broken) whenever I looked at the source code in other text editors.

Emacs mail address completion

I don't use Emacs for reading mails. All of my mail servers uses IMAP, and for productivity, Emacs as a mail client is too slow. It's kind of sad.

Emacs ruby-mode and RVM prompt

On emacs ruby-mode, if you do M-x run-ruby (or C-c C-s), the inferior ruby interpreter is provided in the "=*ruby*=" buffer so that you can evaluate lots of ruby statements or expressions.