Seong-Kook Shin's Resume

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I am a Bachelor of computer engineering, finished in Hongik University.

My team(Hongik PCRC) got 12th rank in ACM ICPC(International Collegiate Programming Contest) ASIA Regional Contest, 2000. Here's the team list.

I finished 15-th (highest) class English language course in LCI (Language Connection International) Toronto, 2001.

I got 1st grade of SST (Samsung English Speaking Test). 2003

Of course, my strong field is in computer programming.

My favorite programming languages are C, Java, Python, and Ruby. I have quite experiences on C++ but I don't prefer it. And I have experiences on Emacs Lisp.

I have experiences developing Xlib/GTK+, Windows/MFC, UNIX socket applications and libraries.

I was a local C language lecturer of P.C.R.C. from 1997 to 2002. During that time, include C courses, I had several seminars about mixed language programming, writing robust code, Pentium/P-Pro/P-MMX/P-II architectures, and C++ STL.

I am an official Korean translator/maintainer of C Programming FAQs, the Usenet comp.lang.c FAQ, maintained by Steve Summit. My translation is available here.

These records are the summary of what I did for living. Note that these records are not the whole history. Due to the company policy, I'm not allowed to describe some of my jobs here. For the same reason, some names of projects and names of some libraries may not correct.

As a free-lancer, I developed Windows FTP server, SQL converter, and Text image generator in So Good Inc. 2000

I've participated MPV/MA, SMAT project in Samsung Electronics so far. My primary job is developing low-memory-consuming XML library and MPV parser. 2003-2004

  • I've been a primary MPV developer and a primary MPV specification author in Samsung Electronics. I've been a main author of Samsung MPV Implementation Guide. Since it is still under development, it is available MPV members only; check it out at OSTA MPV Specification section for mature MPV specifications.
  • I'm the editor of MPV CE Working Group, and my primary work is to write the document, "MPV Interoperability Specification" that is available here.

I developed libsxml and have maintained it. libsxml is almost confirming DOM style XML processor -- it uses less memory than other XML processor such as expat or mini XML in storing XML tree structure. It supports XML namespace and entity declarations.

  • To parse and save an 1724KB-sized XML document into the memory, it uses 2471KB memory space. See the memory usage graph here.
  • to parse and save a 30KB-sized XML document into the memory, it uses 57KB memory space. See the memory usage graph here.
  • Note that these data are heavily dependent on the information stored in the XML documents. The more same strings it has, the smaller the memory consumption is.

U-CA5 I developed libmpv, which is MPV processor depends on libsxml. These two libraries are used in several Samsung cameras including U-CA5.

I had participated MASH/Shadow project in Samsung Electronics. My primary job is optimizing and refactoring the software so that it can run faster with less memory. 2005-03

I had participated SODI (Photo Player, SPL-07) project in Samsung Electronics:

  • I developed generic interprocess communication(IPC) library, libmsgq.
  • I developed MPV translator (called the presenter), which coordinates and manages media information among audio, video, image players.
  • The GUI application behaves as a message queue server that receives requests from the uPNP device, and has an interface to the end users. The UI widgets are based on the paragui. Here are few screenshots:
  • SPL-07
  • SEK 2007 Exhibition 1
  • SEK 2007 Exhibition 2
  • Screenshot 1
  • Screenshot 2
  • Screenshot 3

I had participated CE2.0 project (2007) to develop Internet-connected TV. My job was to develop a generic RSS parser, an EPG parser, a file transfer utility, and Open API for TV.

I had joined the A-VSB standardization group in Samsung Electroncis, to help developing the standard document. (2007-06) Unfortunately, these are not my specialty, so that I'd little use of that group. (A-VSB is a modification of the 8VSB modulation system used for transmission of digital television using the ATSC system. -- Wikipedia)

Infolink Screenshots

(2007-2008), I have designed/written the OpenAPI specification for Power Infolink (Korean) server that interacts with some Samsung LCD HDTVs (750 series). (These TVs utilize Internet RSS service such as news, stock quote, YouTube and so on.)

2009, On InsenTV project (further utilization of the previous one,) I'd participated to implement advertisement engine of TV. And I developed several browser native plug-ins (such as Database plugin, screenshot plugin, etc.) for the Javascript developers.

2010, I joined UCX project. It was a frontier project to test feasability and discovering of cloud computing technology. I'd written 'Service Specification for Personal Cloud', that extends/utilizes XMPP. Based on that specification, I'd implemented extended XMPP service daemon. I implemented and enhanced XEP-0004, XEP-0050, XEP-0066; And most of device specific services are implemented on top of XEP-0050.

I have learned grid computing middleware, called ICE. I developed a distributed real-time video transcoder service for Internet TV, and developed device/file manager for various devices (e.g. TV, NAS, odroid/tablet, galaxy S), and developed virtual machine monitor.

From now on, my job is not fully development work, but also includes management works.

2011, In CloudPi project, I designed hybrid cloud management console called CloudPI, which provide cloud infra and cloud platform sub-systems:

  • Infra: CloudPI provide the hybrid cloud infra management; (at the time, it supported AWS and CloudStack)
  • Platform: our application platform was heavily modified version of VMWare's CloudFoundry.

2013-2014, Our team was focusing to provide a real-time recognition platform, which provides a voice/image recognition service to Samsung's devices. (2014: Intelligent Service System)