A script to create Redis Cluster using GNU screen(1)

Easy way to setup the local redis replication using GNU screen(1)

One of my reponsibility is to write easy client library for Redis in C and Java. There are already well-known client C library, hiredis and Java library, jedis. At the time of development, none of these support our Redis replication cluster. I'll write later about the client libraries that support replication.

Anyway, during the development, I need to launch simple redis cluster, which consists of 1 master and 2 slaves. It is tiresome job to setup the configuration of master and slaves, and it is very likely to commit a mistake.

Thus, I wrote a small shell script (called redis-replica.sh) to launch redis cluster locally. Internally, it uses GNU screen to create multiple shell to launch required processes:

shell no. description
0 redis-sentinel, listening 26379
1 redis monitor to the sentinel
2 redis-cli to the sentinel
3 redis-server master, listening 6379
4 redis monitor to the master
5 redis-cli to the master
6 redis-server slave#1, listening 6380
7 redis monitor to the slave#1
8 redis-cli to the slave#1
9 redis-server slave#2, listening 6381
10 redis monitor to the slave#2
11 redis-cli to the slave#2

Since the master and slaves are managed by the sentinel process, if you shutdown the master, one of the slaves will be promoted to new master.

This way, you can easily experiment and test your client software or libraries.

Here is the source code of redis-replica.sh:


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